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To Liberals who STILL think Tea Party/Supporers and Conservatives Hate Obama Because of his race


See this man. This is Allen West, a former and decorated colonel in these United States army. He is a conservative  and a brilliant man and leader.

This man does not support Obama. Plenty of Conservatives, and me included, have a lot of respect and admiration for Allen West.  SO THERE!

I hate when liberals ask me how I’m a republican when there’s a supposed “war on women” going on.


Because there is more to me than my genitals.

Because my breasts are not the most important thing in my life.

Because I don’t consult my womanly parts before I make every decision.


I sometimes wonder how liberals don’t just implode mentally from the level of backwards thinking they portray.

Do they even realize that they have moved feminism back 50 years all on their own, by reducing women to being all about their reproductive organs?

No, probably not…





As the nation awaits Obama’s actions to restrict Americans’ rights to gun ownership, President Obama granted himself a team of heavily-armed, Federally subsidized Secret Service agents that will follow him and his wife around for the rest of their their lives. Other elites who will receive this benefit are George W. Bush and his wife.—politics.html

But presidents and their wives already have their secret service for life…

Exactly. And, he’s allowed to have arms to protect him, but we’re not. Bloody hypocrite.

Actually, before this was signed former presidents and their wives only had protection for 10 years after they left office.

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