1. loreweaver replied to your post “Would you actually vote for Joe Biden? Or were you bein silly?”

    that was the joke omg

    I guess the anon had a brief blonde moment.

  2. You forgot to click anon didn’t you?

  3. loreweaver replied to your post:

    but how would that not help

    I should clarify, my mom squirted the redi-whip into her OWN mouth, not my sister’s mouth…which might have been more helpful.

  4. Rebloggable on request

    Rebloggable on request

  5. imageloreweaver replied to your post: Peace, good pintpot, peace, good tickle-brain!…

    come on Meredith look at the blog name

    I’m reading through their blog and I can’t stop laughing.

    I think I may co-opt some of the insults for dealing with liberals, lol

    // ]]>

  6. Oh, were you unaware? She must’ve stopped stalking you.
    I guess so.
    I had some hope that maybe she had been readmitted for a full psychological work up that would reveal she was destined to be the next Ted Bundy…no such luck I guess.
  7. imageloreweaver replied to your post: I’m so extremely pissed off at the behavior of “Conservatives” toward CommunismKills

    …what happened this time?

    Asshole “conservatives” like omfgitsryann attacking her constantly, “conservatives” being anti-semites, defending Hitler, harassing her.

    She’s taking an “indefinite hiatus”.

  8. 2. “Didn’t your lady parts warn you this would happen?” Excuse me? My lady parts? There are so many things wrong with this that I can’t even begin. First, there are male liberals. Second, why the hell would my genitals tell me anything about my job? This is just random, and shows a lack of real arguments.

    I don’t know, why would your lady parts tell you how to vote either?

    But that’s apparently what the Obama campaign thought.

    This isn’t ‘random’ it was a jab at the misogynistic campaigning of the Obama campaign when they told women to ‘vote like your lady parts depend on it’. 

    You just didn’t keep up with current events much this election did you?

    I bet you would be one of those people who, when asked, wouldn’t know what Benghazi was or who died there.


  9. I’ll have to post the links to the wordpress articles I wrote about how those verses A.) don’t apply and B.) don’t mean what they think the mean.

    I started, but never finished, a series on those ‘big 7’ ‘anti-gay’ passages…

  10. loreweaver replied to your post: loreweaver reblogged your photo: quickhits: ‘You…

    With the stranglehold on the media, they can ALSO spin Republican inaction as the problem, even if they imply their own policies being at fault.

    I suppose they could, but if they vote present and let the Democrats do what they want, unopposed, that would look extremely stupid.

  11. loreweaver reblogged your photo: quickhits: ‘You don’t take a hostage you…

    While this would certainly be an effective strategy, I really have to say…it’d be a screwed-up way to prove the point….

    I admit that, but this may be the best way to play this at this point, sadly.

    If we continue to fight and things go badly, Obama and his liberal sycophants will put the blame on the Republicans once more, even thought the problem is their dumb-ass economic theories.

    This way, we avoid the blame completely, but we don’t get blamed for it by going along with the plan.

  12. loreweaver reblogged your post: aseasonedplateofmurder reblogged your post: When I…

    also how is ‘more spending and zero budgetary solutions’ a solution

    It’s not, but she’ll continue to think so and so will Obama, since neither one of them understand economics.

  13. loreweaver replied to your post: aseasonedplateofmurder reblogged your video:…

    It was made as a parody of such stereotypes by a black guy, if I caught the credits correctly


    aseasonedplateofmurder needs to learn to have a sense of humor.


  15. I sincerely hope you are right


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