1. who is lena dunham?

    If you don’t know, then ignorance is bliss.

  2. Nope, I was out at dinner with friends. What show was she on?

  3. In an ideal world I would want the government (state and federal) out of marriage entirely. 

    Since that’s not likely to happen, no matter how much I want it, letting state’s individually decide how to handle it is the next best solution.

  4. If you send me a message off anon I can keep the response private. I would prefer not to post my email address on tumblr publicly, so if you send me a non-anon message, I can send you my email address privately too.

  5. What?

    Hinduism is totally a religion…

  6. I have a sister who is 6.5 years younger than me. I saw all the High School Musical movies…multiple times.

    It was a dark time. 

  7. Aww!

  8. I’ve answered this twice before.


  9. Well Ann is a nice name, but a little boring to be honest.

    I want 1, maybe 2, kids. That’s about it. I don’t have names locked in or anything. but I think Amelia Rose would be a really nice name for a girl.

  10. There daddy’s never hugged them probably.

  11. Probably for cultural reasons?

    I’d also say that first generation immigrants have to be well educated to be able to immigrate to the united states, so it follows that they would encourage their children to be well educated as well. That’s just how that usually works. 

  12. What?

    Do you mean Indians? Because Hinduism is a religion, not a race and I’ve not heard any studies that say that people who practice Hinduism as being more educated in general.

  13. No one nominated me either. 

    Thank god. 

    That’s not an invitation to do so by the way. Hear that everyone?!

  14. It’s stupid as hell?

    It’s just not worth it to me to get super worked up about it. 


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