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    Thank you. Seriously, go to the website and actually look at what the Common Core is. Standardized tests and...
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    I am so glad people are pointing this out. There have been so many people whining about common core Loads of homework...
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    Story of my life
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    If it is so great. Why are there extra steps added in all the math problems? They do not teach it here at my kids...
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    I wouldn’t say it’s “higher standards” but rather it’s making kids do unnecessary work to do a math problem. I had to...
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    What you’re describing is a bad teacher not bad standards. Common Core never promised to make inept teachers good. It...
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    Yeah, pretty true, the math is more difficult then it was when were young. Though I did have to show my daughter easier...
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    I really didn’t mean to start anything, honestly. I did read it, sorry if I came off as having not read it. No, I don’t...
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    First of all, Common Core has not been in practice long enough to really judge if it is or isn’t helping students yet....
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