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For those thinking this is a joke… It’s not

Rapists don’t act according to their libido and mood, you stupid fucking assholes. 

This is awful and ridiculous, the person who made it is awful and ridiculous, and it obviously has no idea of the causes of rape OR how women are told by society to react to it.  Conservative anti-rape tips are more like “Don’t wear short skirts/drink in public/go out at night or you are a slut and you probably deserve it.” 

Do you want to know the ONLY anti-rape tip that matters at all, ever?   If you are considering raping someone, DON’T DO THAT.

I am so done with this bullshit.

Funny because I am a conservative and said none of that. I believe if someone tries to attack my mother for example she should pull out her .38 and empty her revolver into the attacker… Same for any other woman who gets attacked… Women should have the means to defend themselves and their loved ones…

If you’re only response is rapists shouldn’t do that… Then I say murderers shouldn’t murder, thieves shouldn’t steal… yada yada yada… People will do things no matter what they are told at times. The best you can do is have a means to defend against the people who do wish harm to you..

I love how most Liberals act like society DOESN’T tell people it’s bad to rape other people.

And men aren’t the only ones who rape. 

I can’t tell a rapist, “Hey, don’t rape me, that’s bad!” they’d laugh in my face. A rapist knows what they want to do is wrong; but they enjoy it. They enjoy the torment of their victim. They enjoy feeling empowered while their victim is weak, and miserable. They enjoy every bit of pain they inflict.

So PLEASE TELL ME how telling them it’s wrong is going to work.

Most moronic and imbecilic thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

When interviewed in prison, 89% of rapist said, what you were wearing and how you looked, had absolutely zero bearing on why they chose their victim. 89%«< read that…learn it..know it. Rapists rape for control. Not sexual pleasure. Not because you are hot. Not because you were wearing a short skirt. Not because you showed cleavage. They raped because they wanted to control the person. Many elderly women are raped every year…think that was because the rapist was turned on by them? By how they were dressed? By their cleavage? It is because they are easy to control.
Peeing on them, vomiting on them etc, is not going to deter them. They are there to control you. Not gratify themselves sexually.
Shooting them in the dick, will end all that control they have. It is a major source of blood. They will lose copious amounts. It will most likely render the penis useless from that point on. Never to rape again.
Get a grip Libtards. Use common sense. And stop being so blatantly stupid.

^All of this! 

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    Just shoot his ass.
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