1. …3 polyromantic women, all wanting a 3rd for their heterosexual relations.

    …1 Socialist who wants someone who is ‘420 friendly’.

    …1 asexual ‘anarcho-feminist’ (whatever the hell that is).

    …and at least one person whose page succinctly stated that they wish all Republicans would die.

    I’m done.


    I’m done.

    Unless one of you ladies wants to move here and be my cuddle buddy, I’m officially finished.

    1. hopespeaktwerkteam said: Wow that really sucks :(
    2. bethifer said: Jaysus, if that’s what it’s like in the happy Red states, I am downright afraid to look up CA…
    3. blondesforreagan reblogged this from proudgayconservative and added:
      I read anarcho-feminist as arachno-feminist and was thinking spiders… again, Vicodin and Tumblr probably don’t mix… Hang...
    4. blondesforreagan said: I’m so sorry. I wish I had someone to introduce you to, but all my friends are in relationships.
    5. kwikstix said: It’s not any easier being a straight male in a Liberal city :/ Women find out you are conservative and it’s like you are immediately this Evil biggot.
    6. joywillcome said: hahha. they all sound like your type.
    7. proudgayconservative posted this

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