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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Obama called Romney a bullshitter.




You know, kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy and say, ‘“Well, that’s a bullsh–ter, I can tell.”’

So my followers, I have to ask you a question and reblog your answer. Who is the bullshitter based on the last 4 years? Romney or Obama?

I have been expecting Obama to use an expletive to describe Romney for a while now.

I have more than one expletive to describe Obama.

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  1. korosu reblogged this from proudgayconservative and added:
    when i heard this quote today i honestly wasn’t even surprised. like really? if i knew NOTHING about anything, that...
  2. jagged-fragments answered: If the shoe fits…
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    He is just so classy that Obama. You want to be hip but really?
  5. mommabearof5 answered: I have 5 kids and even they know Obama is a BSer!
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  8. angelrin89 answered: Not something I’d expect coming out of the mouth of the leader of my country…stay “classy” Mr. President =_=;
  9. turn0ntuneindr0p0ut answered: Obama.
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  11. proudblackconservative answered: Du-uh, Romney cuz he soooo rich and he dont understand us!
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