1. She posted it and tagged myself and another very conservative friend in it (she just likes to stir up trouble, she’s not actually very political and likes poking fun at my friend and I for being so involved in politics) saying it was to “‘piss off’ Meredith and (my friend)”.

    So I, not too seriously, reacted to it. As did my friend. We weren’t nearly as riled up as we would have been if it had been one of our really liberal friends targeting us, because we’ve known the girl for a long time and we get along pretty well. She just likes to rile people up.

    Then another mutual friend chimes in to say that the picture was ‘blown out of proportion’.

    Uh…she TAGGED us in it to get a reaction, she got one. Seriously though, if we had ‘blown it out of proportion’ our reaction would have been so much more serious than what she got.


    Sorry, just felt like sharing that story because it was just a real *facepalm* moment for me today.

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