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    some republicans are so disgustingly selfish and closed minded it makes me sick. i hope some of you end up on welfare someday so you know how it feels. maybe then you’ll shut the fuck up about paying for other people’s well-being. too harsh? idgaf.

    Get off tumblr and get a fucking job. Too harsh? I don’t give a fuck.

    lol i have a job, a good paying one too, and i’m actually at it right now!

    Good for you. Are you on welfare? You better not be if you claim you have a good paying job cuz I’ll be fucking pissed if you are.

    My family has NEVER been on welfare, even when we could have been because we could not pay our rent and pay for groceries and pay for utilities all in the same month.

    We worked hard and got ourselves out of that time on our own.

    So I know poor, I know being scared of where we will live if our landlord throws us out.

    Think before you speak moron. Just because we are Republicans doesn’t mean we are rich and without worry. I may not be in that desperate a situation now, but I’m certainly not well off, but I also know that welfare is not the answer.

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      Attempting to replace the programs with a different plan isn’t really any different from the initial program, so remove...
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      you never answered my question. if you remove such programs, what do you do with the people that were relying on them...
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      ^^ I’m glad that was shared. I’ve witnessed a lot of selfish, close minded people, especially here online, on Tumblr....
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      Wow! I applaud your parents. That’s the story of American success right there and they have the right of it when it...
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      pretty sure I wasn’t referring to things like roads/public schools/etc but okay
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      I work my ass off so I don’t need to be on welfare. Could I be? You bet your ass CA would put me on food stamps because...

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