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As much as I love the Interview with the Vampire series and the respect I have for Anne Rice for writing it, this post had me wanting to bash my head into a brick wall. Why do liberals seems to think that not wanting our taxes paying for birth control means we’re against it?


Yeah, I’ve found you should never follow your favorite fantasy or sci-fi authors because you will lose respect.

After Dragon*Con, 2011, when I took a picture with Elizabeth Moon and found out she had a twitter, I followed her…but then 90% of her tweets were pro-Obama crap…

I still love her writing, but I unfollowed her immediately. It gave me a sad…she seems so common sense and the ideals her characters espouse made me think she might be a conservative.

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    Romney opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and threat to the mother’s life, and says the Supreme Court...
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    And Anne Rice has my respect for yet another reason.
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    ^^ Lmao, nicely said!
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    Vote Obama/Biden, for the appeasement of radical Islam, for the tolerance of radical Islam, for the tolerance and the...
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    Agree though seriously i dont want my money paying for someone elses abortion when it could be used to fix out debt.
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    "Ryan doesn’t believe in birth control" Yeah, he’s a Catholic. So what? He isn’t trying to ban anyone’s birth control,...
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    this is painful.
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