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    I’m going to reblog this in reply to paperdemons post but also wanted to submit to you in case you would like to post for your massive following ;) It is disturbing & offensive when people attempt to delegitimize others opinions by claiming racism at any dissent.  Calls of ‘racism’ are often used this way in regard to statements like “we’re going to take our county back” & “we want to reinstitute real American values” etc.  These are not racist innuendo or code words.  These are expressions of our genuine heartfelt desire to return America to its foundations of freedom, independence, justice and liberty for all.  No sentiments of race division are in those words.  They are all encompassing values which we know are the basis of American exceptionalism, available to all who hold to them and believe in the rights we have as a free people.  These beliefs do not only apply to someone with white skin, it has no relation to skin color whatsoever.  Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has completely misunderstood how nearly perfect the United States of America and its founding documents are.   I believe the ‘offended’ persons you could be referring to in your question are people who feel this way.  They have a very deep desire to restore America’s greatness and opportunities to ALL.  The mere mention of racism directed at them for stating their outrage at what is being done to our country currently is upsetting, angering and simply completely wrong.  People who have no desire to separate or classify others do not see race so readily but identify others by ideas or ideals instead and I for one will not curb my criticism for anyone who causes harm to our precious freedoms, regardless of the color of their skin.  Do not expect me or those who feel as I do to acquiesce to any perceived “politically correct” form of speech or refrain from being critical of bad government policies, no matter who enacts them or what skin color they have.  Black, white or tan skin is no determining factor for the conservatives I know, which is many. We all belong to one race …the human race. 

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