1. I was wondering what site you use to do your political research and whatnot, because you are so incredibly informed, it’s almost ridiculous heheh. Given, I know who I’m voting for (Romney, of course) and I watched the debates, but it’s hard determining sources that aren’t biased to either side. If that even exists. Thanks in advance :3

    For news related stuff I focus on Breitbart.com, Todd Starnes articles on Fox Radio news, The Drudge Report, BBC, etc. I have a few local blogs for local news, but those won’t interest you.

    For my actual numbers, I usually go with Real Clear Politics, which aggregates poll numbers on all sorts of elections, Presidential, Senate, House, etc. and Rasmussen, who does daily tracking polls an the like (Real Clear Politics aggregates Rasmussen numbers as well, but I like Rasmussens daily emails that send out poll numbers on LOTS of things). 

    I do a lot of individual research as well, which usually starts on google.
    Also my college library’s online research and google scholar, which is great if you are a student.

    Glad to help!

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