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    Honestly, I would normally feel bad for someone who this happened to.. But after seeing negative comments, I questioned...
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    Headcanon accepted. Yes.
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    Hey Mr. Douchebag, we all agree that you are are a dumbass why can’t you see that. you’re a Douchebag....
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  5. starsandrights said: Sorry to hear :( He sounds like an asshole.
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    she’s almost certainly a troll but if she’s not i kinda hope this is real because maybe this is what it takes for her to...
  7. deadbilly said: sorry to hear this :( He is an evil person and you deserve much better than him.
  8. goldrushapple said: Has he displayed tact while you dated him? May be he was having an off day. Or maybe not.
  9. shitmanitsthecops said: I’m sorry. He is a douche. That is not something a good person does. And if he says he’s embarrassed of you, then you gotta leave this schmuck.
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