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So the other day in my film and politics class, we were talking about Red Dawn (the original)

I mentioned that my dad liked the movie and my teacher asks “Oh, so I guess he hates those damn commies then?” in a really mocking way.

I said “Well Professor, I don’t think he’s ever said those exact words, but I will tell you that he voluntarily joined the army during the Vietnam war, so make of that what you will.”

He looked a little shocked (liberal professor, protested the Vietnam war, I like the guy though, he likes to hear dissenting opinions).

Someone at the back, didn’t see who, just started a slow clap, and he changed the subject.

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  1. vouxcroux said: I like that movie. Yes, I dislike communism and commies. Yes, I voluntarily joined the military during the GWOT. I guess there’s a type.
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