1. So I’m sick, taking cough syrup with codeine, sleeping 18 hours today, and just generally crabby and hoping to get better before FreePac tomorrow. (I WILL!!!!)

    Anyway, I remembered I had an online test for my Political Ideologies Mid-Term and was like…well I’ll take it and if it comes out HORRIBLY I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow, get a note that I’m ill, and maybe I can retake it. (My teacher likes me).

    So I sit down with my books (it’s an online test, if the teacher doesn’t think we are taking it open book she’s crazy) and start taking it.

    I turn it in on time.

    Look at the grade it gives me…

    I got a 91…while drugged, congested, and sick.

    I’m awesome.

    Anyway, just had to share that (the codeine made me do it) before bed.

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