1. learnme-do:

    You know how afraid I was to make this post? I logged out and fled to my spiritual tumblr because 

    1. I know how hostile you guys are and
    2. I don’t feel like having more people tell me to kill myself when I’m trying to talk myself out of it right now and 
    3. this needs to be fucking said. 

    It’s personal now. 

    To give you some background, my mother and father work in healthcare. My father owns a practice in internal medicine and my mother is a registered nurse for a university hospital. My father goes to the hospital literally every day to see patients and is one of the only doctors who still makes house calls, and my mother works 12-hour shifts with regular weekends and holidays. Basically, they do their jobs, they do them very very well, and they make a good amount of money. We are, in fact, the “one percent” according to most. If I get messaged and someone wants me to explain why I don’t think we’re part of any percentage, I will, but long story short my parents came from impoverished families and worked from the time they were preteens to create a better life for my brother and me.

    But I digress.

    What Obamacare is:

    Very, very basically, Obamacare is what will be executed on the US healthcare system in the next years, provided that President Obama is reelected. A lot of people don’t know, though…

    What Obamacare means:

    • Hospitals used to be responsible for their patients for 30 days after discharge- that is, if the patient was readmitted within 30 days, the hospital wouldn’t get paid for the second visit. That window will be extended to 90 days. What that means is, if you have a 99-year-old woman with multiple problems, and she comes in for one problem one day and then two months later comes in for another thing, the hospital (and namely, the doctor) does not get paid. Or, an example closer to home: A 45-year-old man comes in for an ailment and leaves with meds to take. He chooses not to take them for whatever reason (this is extremely common, especially for meds with negative side effects like frequent urination), and is put back in the hospital after two months. This was completely the patient’s fault and yet still, the hospital is blamed under this new policy. 
    • Because the hospitals will lose so much money over this new policy, they’ll start laying off more and more people like my mother and possibly even shutting down completely. But they will begin hiring more people for different jobs, like at-home care, because it’s much cheaper to take care of a patient that way. All of a patient’s medicines will be brought straight to them, among other things, and all of their care will be done at home. This sounds like a good thing, I know, because “think of the housebound patients and the ones who can’t take care of themselves!” Okay, that’s all fine and good, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about your average patient, the one who could easily get to and from a hospital and who could easily pause Jerry Springer for one fucking minute to take his/her meds. All responsibility is taken off the patient and laid on the healthcare professionals. All this free service is, of course, another part of the rampant spending that’s plagued this nation for the past four years. 
    • Because hospitals will begin shutting down, that will lead to one thing: government-run hospitals and clinics. What this means is socialized healthcare in its purest form. People don’t realize how much power this gives the government over the lives of its citizens. They will stop covering yearly mammograms and start covering mammograms every two years. Fantastic, so we can catch it once it’s spread everywhere! You’re not just in danger if you’re a woman, but also if you’re elderly. This rationing of service means you can only get so much care per year. If you are over 65, they can absolutely tell you that they won’t give you a new kidney. What everyone thinks is so great about socialized healthcare is the idea of getting free shit, but they don’t realize how fucking dangerous it is. Why do you think Danny Williams, a Canadian politician, came to the United States for care? 

    My thoughts are a little scattered from rage and horror, so I can’t go into too much more now. But if this post gets a positive response, or reminds me of something else, I might post more. What are your thoughts? Message me or reblog (click “reblog as text” to make it so you don’t have to click the link to see my post). 

    God bless us all. 

    Beautiful, factual post.

    I wish I had written something this good, but I’ll just share it with my followers instead.

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