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    Literary Appropriation? What. On. Earth. have you DONE!? Oh gods…the Literary Justice Bloggers… I can’t!

    Oh can’t you just see it now.

    "How dare Chris Nolan take the plot of The Dark Knight from Othello. Shakespeare worked hard on that play and other people shouldn’t steal his work."

    "Oh yeah!? Well Shakespeare stole all his stories from Roman and Greek Mythology. How DARE he steal the religious stories of another culture and use them to make money!"

    The clash of the literary/culture appropriation bloggers.

    Oh Lord forgive me, what have I done.

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      Hahahaha! Oh wow, that actually got a laugh from me. Yeah, that’s history making right there. :D
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      Maybe you are, but I’ll have given birth to one of the most obnoxiously snobbish and pseudo-intellectual social justice...
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      The funny thing is I think I’ve met those people.
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