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All the butt-hurt in the cultural appropriation tag

just makes me want to dress up like Pocahontas or Sacajawea or Nefertiti or Cleopatra  and post a few dozen photos of it online.

Because guess what?

I can dress any way I want.

It’s not disrespectful to the culture. I’m showing respect for it because I see the beauty in it, in the clothing, in the strength of the women. I find it beautiful and so I’ll do as I please.

Would you be getting this angry if a Native American woman dressed as Nancy Reagan for Halloween? Or a Japanese man dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera? An Indian woman dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?

All of that is ‘cultural appropriation’ too. You don’t see us white folk getting pissed off about it.


I already have my costume planned though, so I’m not changing it at this late a date. Lily Airheart (from the song by Steam Powered Giraffe) is probably supposed to be white so you won’t have anything to get your panties into a twist over.

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  5. mistressmaryd said: Your timing is amazing. A cosplayer recently came under fire for using makeup to darken his skin tone for a native american character he started cosplaying. It got so bad, he removed all his pictures. People are way too easily offended nowadays.
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    Literary Appropriation? What. On. Earth. have you DONE!? Oh gods…the Literary Justice Bloggers… I can’t!
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    Ugh, yes. So terrible. How DARE you wear a beautiful kimono and celebrate the beauty of Japanese clothing and culture....
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    I’ve got two kimono, which is evidently also out of order
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