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My nails are finally growing out. That ‘bite no more’ stuff really worked.



But it feels so weird to have them again. I keep picking at them because I get dirt under them all the time.


Any of my female followers have nail care tips they’d like to share?

Also I suck at painting my own nails. Once they get a little longer I’m going to the nail salon.

What is this stuff? I need it. I’ve been biting my nails since I could chew, and CANNOT stop…

It’s called ‘bite no more’ and I got it at Sally’s beauty supply. You can order it online too. It’s clear, disgusting tasting nail polish type stuff. I put a coat on twice a day (it makes your nails very shiny and strong as well) and on the surrounding skin (I bite the skin and cuticles as well, ugh) and it stops you from biting because it tastes so bad.

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