1. A thought experiment (via Conservative New Ager) and a few follow up thoughts on my letter to the editor.

    Before we begin this thought experiment, a disclaimer. If you burn anyone’s holy book intentionally you’re an asshole (burning a trash heap and they just happen to be in there, that’s not intentional). That is a given. No need to really discuss it because the assholishness of the act is self-evident. It shouldn’t be a crime, but if you do it just to be obnoxious, there is something wrong with you.Now for our thought experiment.

    If I burned a copy of the Tao Te Ching, how many Taoist do you think would riot?

    If I shredded….(continued at link)

    via A thought experiment.


    I might have shared this before, but it seems pertinent to share again…especially given that my letter to the editor now has a complete collection of response letters.

    As one of the intelligent responses (probably the only one) said:

    The rest is at the link, as always.

    and someone earned a special mention tonight, Narghis Sarwari who wrote one of the responses to my letter at the school paper. This person wins an award for most delusional person I’ve ever read any writing by (and that includes the psycho blogger who thought that AIDS was created by the Jews to subjugate black people). Congrats!

    Here’s a couple of lines from the response

    The videos mocking Islam has caused retaliation because for the past 11 years it has felt threatened. I am not justifying the violent actions that were caused after the release of the videos, but the creators of those videos knew they were going to cause problems.


    For Islam followers today, 9/11 has never ended because they’re still being attacked.

    Whatever drugs this person is on is clearly the good shit. Where I can get some.

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