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This is the first “Let’s Talk: Who do you think would of been a better candidate for GOP or do you think Mitt Romney is the best? And why?




Michelle Bachman?

Herman Cain?

Newt Gringrich?

Jon Hunstman?

Rick Perry?

Rick Santourm? 

Herman Cain! 999 plan would fix everything that is wrong in tax terms.

Bachmann, especially for her “the devil’s in the details” comment about the 999 plan.

Wait, you supported Bachman first too?

This ‘converting communismkills to lesbianism’ idea gets more tempting every moment.

I won’t say that I CURRENTLY think she is a better choice, but at the time…yeah, I supported her.

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    (It’s would have… sorry) This is a tough one; not that we didn’t think and talk about it ALL. THE. TIME. Newt is the...
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  3. rcousens3 said: A truly terrible choice for topic at this point in time. You need to rethink your idea. The first debate for president is Wednesday!
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