1. Did I ever tell you about the time that Maureen Johnson blocked me on twitter for criticizing her selective blindness when democrats are sexist and anti-women, but her attack mode ALWAYS come online when a Republican says ANYTHING that can be construed as sexist.

    Yeah, that happened.

    Not recently, it was like…a month ago.

    I just thought I’d mention it, since I saw one of her tumblr posts on my dash.

    I find her legitimately funny as a person, when she isn’t talking politics, but she blocked me so I don’t get to see her funny tweets anymore.

    Oh well *shrug*

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    2. captainehren said: Who’s Maureen Johnson? I read young adult or teen or whatever… depending on the story. I’m very particular. I’ve never heard of her, which might be because I’m so particular.
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      Last I checked, this is America. You have every right to share your opinions, and your followers have the right to...
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      I got quite a bit of hateful twitter @s from her other followers later. I found out from a fellow conservative follower...

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