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Anonymous asked:

I just don't get the big deal with Iran and it's nuclear capabilities? It's a sovereign nation, no one is at war with it. It's constantly targeted and threatened by western nations, it's scientists are assassinated, it's facilities attacked by viruses and bombs. What right does the rest of the world have to dictate its policies? We let Pakistan have the bomb, a nation I would trust far less to do the right thing. If we want to stop Iran, trade with it, give its middle class more economic power.

refer to the ask 2 anons ago.

I will add, Iran’s middle class has basically no power. Have you read how their constitution is set up? I have, it’s not exactly giving the western world an opening to get their people to like us.

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  1. vouxcroux said: Iran is a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. According to the NPT only nations who had ‘the bomb’ at the time it was signed are allowed to have it (US, UK, France, Russia, China); India, Pakistan, Israel are not signatories but Iran is.
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