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If Iran attained nuclear capability it would probably be employed in a similar way to North Korea. Something used to get the international community to back off and tread far more carefully than they would if they were not armed so. While there is always an increased possibility of danger, the Iranian leadership isn't insane. That's just western rhetoric spinning the rhetoric of the Iranians. Besides Israel has more then enough of a nuclear deterrent at sea to make anyone think twice.

You can argue that a country whose leadership is not comprised of religious zealots who think that killing everyone else who isn’t part of their religion won’t start nuking other countries. Why destroy the world? That’s where they keep their stuff.

However when a country’s leadership IS composed of such people, that argument loses it’s good sense.

Yeah, the Ayatollah IS that insane.

'nuclear deterrent' only works if the other countries fear being blown up.

If they think they are going to go to heaven, after death, and get 72 virgins (or 72 dates…like the fruit, as the original translation says) then their intent gets a little harder to judge.

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