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    Clearly the conservatives are threatened by me. LOL! Whatever. Ill respond tomorrow. But this is a VEGAN blog so Im not gonna get too poltiical. Ive had like 2 political posts and people are going crazy cause Im exposing lies. Cant handle this. Haha.

    I’m going to bite because the bait you keep posting on your blog is just too hilariously misinformed.

    Firstly, I keep going through your blog, hoping and praying that you are a troll. Why? Because you clearly have no idea about politics or how the gov’t works.

    Now, let’s play a game. It’s called, “Who can get more links, statistics and sources for their claims. The rules are simple. Make a statement and provide as many links, statistics and sources as you can. There IS one no-no. You cannot use any information provided by a politician’s political campaign. Also, you lose points if you use the same link as me. Sound fun?

    Just so everyone can see the BS you posted, here is the quote:

    I know that Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for not being a warmonger like Bush. I know that Obama has helped the economy by creating jobs  and hasnt made as much debt as Bush did. I know that Obama cares about poor people. Now that thats settled do you want to ask me another question?

    I’m breaking this down sentence by sentence.
    Firstly: “I know that Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for not being a warmonger like Bush.”

    The Nobel Peace Prize is a farce now because of Obama’s win. He won for not something he has DONE but by things he has PROMISED TO DO(which, might I add, he has failed at). The Nobel Committee stated that he won it based on ” The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations.” [source] However, despite all the talk Obama has done at the UN about not letting Iran gain nuclear weaponry, very little is being done. Obama is simply waving his finger like a mother would to her curious and mischievous 4-year-old saying, “Don’t you do that… I don’t know how we’re going to punish you, but don’t you dare do it!” [source] All the while, Ahmadinejad is still pushing forward with nuclear plans and threatening to blow Israel off the map. This guy, by the way, doesn’t believe the holocaust ever happened. Which goes to show you how few fucks he gives about Israel and all the people he’s threatening to kill. [source] Now, instead of Obama actually meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel who is being threatened by Iran’s attempts at nuclear weaponry, our Commander in Chief snubs him, claiming that he is too busy[source]. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to have so much free time when you’re partying it up on The View and at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s house, right? I think national security and the security of our allies is more important than a campaign. So there’s that. Also, DRONE STRIKES. Obama has given the okay on many more than Bush and has admitted to having a secret “Kill List”[source]. In 2009 alone, under the Obama administration, there were 51 drone strikes as compared to only 49 during Bush’s entire presidency[source]. And as you so artfully stated in another reply to an ask concerning Drone Strikes, the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate in 2009, so if you wan to incorrectly assume that congress has all power in the matter, go ahead, but you are wrong wrong wrong.

    “I know that Obama has helped the economy by creating jobs  and hasnt made as much debt as Bush did.”

    LOL. Obama has not helped the economy. He has stifled growth. His stimulus plans have cost us over 250k per job created which(if you could not tell) is not cost-effective. So basically, for every job he ‘created’ it would have been cheaper for the US to simply give jobless people $100,000 instead of ‘creating their job.’ I am going to provide you with several sources to this fact: [source][source][source][source][source]

    “I know that Obama cares about poor people.”

    If Obama cares so much about poor people, why is he passing stimulus bills to put our country into more debt? Why is the unemployment rate (recorded) around ten percent? Why is the (ACTUAL) unemployment rate almost twenty percent? Sorry, in my opinion he only cares about keeping that fancy plane, the big fancy house and having a ton of servants to bend over backwards to him on the taxpayer dime.

    /end game

    I do want to ask you a question, though. What have you been smoking that makes you believe that his guy is America’s savior and that he can do no wrong? What Koolaid flavor have you been chugging? How incredibly blind are you to all the actual facts of the situation? And lastly, I’m sure you won’t reply to this, but I would love it if you would simply grow up. The way you answer everything is childish, ignorant and baseless.


    I like you. I like you a lot.

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