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I’m not 100% why I’m submitting this, I guess I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this Obama Phone business?  


My thoughts?

My brain hurts. Are people really this stupid? He gave you a phone? That’s nice, wouldn’t you rather have a job?

Or maybe not, since you have a phone and food stamps, and social security, you don’t really want a job then, because you are getting all that you need to live.

Our country has stopped following Ben Franklin’s advice that the poor should not be make comfortable in their poverty.

Why are we giving them all these unnecessary and extraneous LUXURIES on our tax dollars.

Even if this woman is batshit crazy and no such phone program exists (in Cleveland it probably does *sigh*) my statement stands.

Mostly my thoughts are that I have serious doubts about the future of the human race if survival of the fittest doesn’t start working.

ROMNEY 2012!

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