1. stayviciousgeorgie:

    Tumblr is full of uninformed liberal bloggers who probably haven’t even taken a gov’t class yet. (if you are an informed liberal to my standards then that’s fine)

    Mitt Romney is NOT some cold conservative hardass who wants the poor to starve or wants to keep all his money that he makes in a year which he worked VERY hard for. 


    Romney owns several businesses, ones we use every day. (Staples, Sports Authority, etc.)

    Romney donates at least $1,000,000 to various charities every year.

    Romney has helped many women achieve their business dreams. 

    Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts which is the most liberal state in America. (gay marriage, lower marriage age and so forth)

    Romney has a very squeaky clean political background.

    Romney is also a lawyer with no blemishes to his record. While Michelle and Barack Obama almost got their licenses revoked. 

    I won’t go into why Romney is better than Obama, I’m just saying, he’s a great candidate whether or not he is just another old conservative white man.

    Just because he is old and white like most of our politicians DOES NOT mean that he would not do a good job as president of the USA. 

    12,000,000 jobs v. Green energy.

    You pick. 

    Any questions, challenges, or concerns, just ask. 

    Agreed, except that technically Romney doesn’t own those companies himself.

    Other than that, you are so SO right.

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      for real. if you’re voting for obama it must be because you’ll be in school for the next 4 years. great for you but i’m...
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      Agreed, except that technically Romney doesn’t own those companies himself. Other than that, you are so SO right.
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      More Facts: Romney was vigilantly opposed to gay marriage in Massachusetts, gay marriage in MA was passed by the state...
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      Ahem, certificate of live birth, NOT THE SAME THING. I mean, c’mon. IF he isn’t from the US can’t he hire people to make...

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