1. Just spent 2 hours having a very interesting conversation with a member of our local TEA party as a result.

    That makes me happy.

    He asked me “NRA?”

    "Yeah, the 2nd amendment lobby and education group"

    /Sarcasm “Oh how can you be such a war monger. I bet you are voting for that wife killer Romney too.”

    "I know, he gives people cancer. How do I live with myself" /Sarcasm

    Then we discussed our state’s senate race and our awesome political views.

    That was a GREAT way to spend my break between classes. I feel energized!

    1. hopespeaktwerkteam said: That sounds nice. Bet it made your day. :D
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    4. vouxcroux said: I’m a native Arizonan. Who are you voting for in the Senate race? Did your preferred candidate win the primary?
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