1. Made my night a bit better at the very least, as well.

    It’s always cool to find that an actor or author is more than just a good actor or writer, they actually have a brain that they use. It’s refreshing.

    On the other hand…sometimes your favorite author SEEMS like a conservative in the way she writes and then you follow her on twitter and that illusion is destroyed. But that’s a reference to a different event in my life…I’m still glad I have a picture with her from DragonCon regardless of politics.

    Okay…my caffeine and sugar rush is kicking in most definitely.

    1. bethoftheendless said: Yeah, that’s true. I don’t believe Sarah Michelle Gellar is one now, if she ever was one. And Speight reblogged that idiotic thing which claimed Romney took a slogan from the KKK.
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