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tsunderehatter asked:

I must say that I'm very glad to have found your Tumblr. It's helped me get through my classes at school recently, as my teachers have been talking about politics, and they're all quite liberal, as are most of my fellow students. I thank you for your opinions, because they're very good and have kept me sane after those long, mostly one-sided discussions on politics I've been facing.

I feel your pain.

I had to try to explain to a professor and several students that Romney was actually AHEAD in most polls, if you corrected for the oversampling of Democrats. They looked at me like I’d grown a 2nd head.

These were poli-sci student and a Political science professor.


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  1. preraphaelight said: I go to an art school in Seattle! That’s about as leftist as you can get. My teachers love though that I know facts and pay attention as opposed to the rest of the high schoolers. Special snowflake award
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