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Dude, Mark Pellegrino’s favorite book is “Atlas Shrugged.” He just jumped many places up on my list of favorite SPN castmembers.


Evidently he talked to fans about literature and philosophy for four hours, late into the night. And my friend thinks she heard Speight refer to Obama as “cockroach” lol. Because Pellegrino said “Obama” and then Speight interjected “Cockroach” XD They were talking about the government as a parasite. I wish I had fucking known when I talked to them on the phone!

So now I have until Vegas con to finally read Atlas Shrugged.

(Of course, this is her listening to a conversation late at night and she might have heard some details wrong)

This makes me happy.

I loved them both in the show, great actors.

I respect them even more now to be honest. They have brains.

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