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    What is wrong with requiring an ultrasound before an abortion? Are you afraid the woman is going to realize that that “clump of cells” inside her body is her baby and God forbid, she might actually love it? If it’s nothing but a clump of cells, what’s so wrong with having to look at it for a few minutes?

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      A lot of places, including hospitals, DO offer ultrasounds before abortions to see how far along you are, to see if you...
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      That’s fine. Your beliefs are your own. Your beliefs don’t get to dictate my rights.
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      I’m not imposing my religion on anyone. I believe that the fetus is a baby, and I believe that abortion is the murder of...
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      And abortion clinics and the way they con you into getting an abortion isn’t wrong-headed, abusive, manipulative, and...
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      Because it’s not a matter of hoping a woman will have an ultra sound and change her mind. It’s the whole forcing a woman...
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      There’s an issue here that goes deeper than your emotional manipulation. I didn’t have to have an ultrasound, and...
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      Most ultrasounds are NOT covered by insurance, bumping up the price of abortions from about 350-500 dollars to about...
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