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A little update on last night’s post about the faux outrage over the Obama campaign poster that’s a stylized American flag:

This isn’t the first time that a politician put his image on the American flag. But I’m guessing that the outraged and creeped out conservatives aren’t nearly so outraged or creeped out over Abraham Lincoln’s desecration of the flag.

What about Nebraska fans? Also outrageous?

How about the Tea Party?

Or the GOP itself?

There a whole lot of others, of course. They include other universities, corporations, and professional sports teams. You can also find a bunch of pictures of Sarah Palin autographing an actual American flag.

In short — and as I said last night — you’re being absolutely ridiculous if you think there’s something outrageous or shameful or criminal or creepy about the Obama campaign’s stylized flag.

Also of note: The guy whose Facebook post about his own outrage clued me in on all this faux outrage? He blocked me after I shared some of the above images in the comment thread on his post.

HT: Marcus Sanborn, for these great pictures.

The Abraham Lincoln one is HOW old? You expect us to be outraged by something that happened before my great-grandmother was born.

The GOP symbol IS NOT the flag, they use the colors and stars but it is NOT the flag.

No, I think the other two are awful too. Shouldn’t have been done.

Why am I more outraged by the Obama campaign?

because he’s the PRESIDENT!

He should no better, he is supposed to be a better example, he is not suppose to directly violate our flag code to make a few bucks off his supporters.

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