1. rcousens3 replied to your post: You know, no matter how many times you repeat phrases like “keep it in your pants,” women will end up with unplanned pregnancies. If someone wants to have sex, they’re going to have sex, whether or not you agree with them doing so. So you’d better get used to the fact that unplanned pregnancies (and abortions) will always be a reality of life. And wouldn’t you rather that women had access to safe, legal abortion clinics than unsafe, illegal ones?

    My God do these people never leave you alone? My dashboard is full of your posts from these narcissistic asses and their disfunctional misdirected lives, its like every other post. Surely you are expending a tremendous amount of time and energy replying to all of these,…

    Tumblr cut off the rest of your reply.

    But I’m not expending THAT much energy. I’m watching Teen Wolf and reading for class between waves of messages. It looks like it’s calmed down now though.

    I go through times where I barely get a few messages. Sometimes I post something that just pisses them off though…it’s like poking a fire ant next…only not as painful for me.

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