1. So if we are going to blame the filmmaker for all of these attacks on American Embassies...













    Why aren’t we blaming Bill Maher too?

    Because I (and the writer of the linked article) seem to remember him mocking Islam in his film Religulous, in the last 20 minutes or so.

    He gave 1 million smackaroos to an Obama superPAC remember?

    Not good at all guys.

    Bill Maher made a film questioning all religions.

    Not at one moment did Bill mock the Prophet Muhammad.

    No one was ever killed as a result of Religulous.

    So, your/the author’s entire argument is invalid.

    Why do people ask questions in tags?

    Yes, I have watched Religulous. Which is why I said that I REMEMBERED him mocking Islam.

    The Obama administration is calling this youtube video HEINOUS for mocking Islam and saying that it is causing terrorism.

    But when Maher mocks the religion that’s okay?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    Well liberals can, because they don’t deal in objective criteria, but no one with rational thoughts in there head can see this both ways.

    I think there’s a bit of difference between Maher visiting the Holy Land and asking Islamic leaders and followers questions than a film depicting Muhammad as a pedophile.

    He married an 8 year old.

    That’s documented fact.

    Facts differ on whether he waited to sleep with her until she was 9 or 12.

    But that’s really not helping his case much.

    So depicting him as exactly what he was is wrong now?

    Having not seen the entirety of Innocence of Muslims (not that I want too), I can’t excactly call anything “right” or “wrong”. 

    But Maher’s Religulous was made out of curiosity.

    While Innocence of Muslims was made to incite hate.

    So, maybe you should stop comparing them… 

    I would say it was made more to bring attention to some of the glaringly TERRIBLE things in Islam.

    I highly doubt it was done with then intention of causing terrorist attacks and murders.

    That’s on the Muslims (and their religion) who did so.

    And maybe I’ll compare it to anything I like and tag it any way I want.

    Don’t like it, that’s your problem.

    Yes, well. Your comparison is wrong and stupid. 

    It’s cute how you think I care about the opinion of someone who is trying to give terrorism an excuse.

    Because I really don’t.

    Not one point did I saw that movie was an “excuse” to kill people.

    I just said it was made out of hate.

    I’m patronizing to everyone that I find ridiculous. You aren’t special.

    If you weren’t going to address how patronizing I am, then why did you post that tag.

    Passive-agressive much?

    It was a poorly made, low budget, terribly acted film. It was not made out of hate though, it was made to SHOWCASE the hate of Islam.

    The fact that you don’t get that is sad really.

    And the more you blame the film for ‘inciting’ hate, the more you are making excuses for the acts of terrorism.



    Stop acting like the world would be a better place without Islam.

    And that’s where this discussion stops.

    Because if you really can’t see how the world would be better without a religion that glorifies abuse of women, murder of gay people, destruction of human rights, destruction of liberty and freedom, and glorifies the use of suicide bombers and violence against those who won’t convert.

    Then you truly aren’t worth talking to.

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