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RE: the Atlas shrugged photo I posted today


because conservatives apparently can’t understand my churlishness when it comes to the atrocious writing of Ayn Rand. No I’m not advocating children actually read 50 Shades of Grey. While I haven’t read ‘Shades’ I have heard nothing that would make me recommend it. On the other hand, I have trudged through the literary hell that is Atlas Shrugged. With prose that any 9th grade English or Civics student would find stiff and straw man, and that would be bad enough for me to keep it out of the hands of impressionable young minds, but then you add into the fact the violent rape-like sex in the book, and the fact that a child about 5~7 is reading it in that picture makes me physically ill. 

You are ignorant people that can not take criticism of your shitty objectivist ‘Bible’ and I would thank you to stay away from my blog. 

If you didn’t fucking tag it as Atlas Shrugged, we wouldn’t care about your shitty blog.

The sex scenes are not violent, nor are they all that graphic, in Atlas Shrugged. I don’t know what book you were reading, but the prose is anything but stiff and ‘straw man’ like.

I may not agree with Rand on everything (I’m certainly not an objectivist and I don’t consider it my ‘Bible’) but her book gets your brain working, as opposed to the shit we give kids to read these days.

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