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Anonymous asked:

Hi, love your blog. But I don't exactly share the same opinion about abortion as you. And I think that's fine since we won't have ALL the same opinions about everything. But you will at least accept the fact that I don't STRONGLY believe that abortion should be illegal, won't you? Personally I'm very torn on this topic and I don't believe it should be 100% illegal. Really I'm just asking if you'll respect my opinion or not.

I can accept that people have different opinions, that doesn’t mean I will always agree with them or think they should be the law.

Regardless, at what point did I say that abortion should be illegal?

Here are a couple of posts about my views on abortion.

What I want to know is, why did they KEEP the aborted fetuses? And other musings on Abortion.


Whoops, that slope was pretty slippery after all.

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