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    It’s so obvious where their loyalties lie.

    Pretty sure I hate all religion.  I hate all blind faith.  Blind faith is bigotism, doesn’t matter if it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or racism.  Blind faith with out proof is wrong.  

    Check out users like “goodreasonnews” who calls me a bigot for hating Islam.

    Other than Harris and Hitchens, you are so right.

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      I don’t understand how even someone having “blind faith” is something to be absolutely despised or somehow bigotry.
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      I think it is much more likely that Athiests hate Islam as much as Judaism and Christianity, it is just that in the...
    4. alexjonesvevo said: Im pretty sure I hate all equally, and most people feel the same way. You are confusing ‘atheist’ with ‘liberal’.

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