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    So after seeing a community of awesome conservative teenagers posting on Tumblr after the DNC last night, I’ve been inspired to start up a right wing blog of my own in order to vent and express my opinions in a way that’s difficult in my own environment. So I guess I’ll introduce myself, if anyone ends up seeing this. Hi, my name is Kathleen, and I’m a 17 year old girl from Southern California. (More specifically, an EXTREMELY liberal part of Southern California.) Growing up as the only republican kid in a class of democrats for ever since I can remember (as early as a 4th grader in 2004) has been quite trying. In middle school I reverted to just shutting up about what I believed because I would get harassed about having a different opinion. Now as a high school senior, other kids have become more cruel, but I’ve found a group of other conservative teenagers to help me refrain from belittling my beliefs, and I’ve become more open with feeling differently about things. Ive also realized that as tolerant as most liberals claim to be, they can be the most closed minded people you’ll ever encounter. Learning who will accept me for my opinions has been enlightening in that sense.

    Political inclinations aside, some things I love are Doctor Who, Harry Potter, reading in general, singing and all forms of theatre arts. I love tacos and Nerdfighteria and sushi and rainy days and meeting new people. So yeah. If there’s anything I haven’t covered feel free to ask me! :)

    Stay right,

    YAY! More conservative women!

    Glad to have you on board!

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      YAY conservatives! YAY whovians! what a beautiful world ^.^
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      So, I read your post and I was like “OHMEOHMY. HELLO TUMBLR TWIN.” Haven’t heard of Nerdfigheria before that, but ya...
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      Hello, Kathleen! We’re so excited you’ve found us! :) I’m Shannon, and my inbox is free anytime!
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      It has initiated political conversations with my broski, so silver lining. But mainly I’ve just not been reading their...
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      Also, keeperofthetardis is my main blog, but my conservative blog is youngconservativeandproud. I’m ridiculously bad at...
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      come to the libertarian side….we have cookies.
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      Welcome!!!! I’m Lindsey - also 17, and from Connecticut. Which I think speaks for itself on how liberal it is. However,...
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      Sup! Happy to have you on board!
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      Welcome to the right side of tumblr, Kathleen! We’re happy to have you. I’m Samantha. You can call me Sammi, if you...
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      Greetings from a conservative stuck in the liberal mecca of the USA, aka Massachusetts
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      YAY! More conservative women! Glad to have you on board!

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