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On Ann Coulter (and now for ProudGayConservative to fix this)


I realize something about Ann Coulter Barack Obama, besides her him being a racist, homophobic classist asshat. There is nothing to her him. She has nothing interesting about her him. She is like every other angry white woman half white/half black man who thinks simply because of her his race everyone should listen to her  him even when she is saying nothing. So her his solution is to make big statements. She makes these big offensive, nasty, ugly bigoted, class warfare, vague, zero fact, no plan statements because she knows there is nothing else to her him. All she has is her  his nastiness and far left supporters who don’t care that all he is ‘goals’ with no plan as to how to reach them. All she can do is ride the wake of the waves that she makes with each statement. That is all she has. SO let us not even give her him that.

There, that looks much more accurate.

Strike throughs and the subsequent follow up words in bold are MY (ProudGayConservative) work and not the work of the original poster.

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