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Oh, really?

Tell me why Mia Love, a Black Female received racial slurs and hate messages on her wikipedia page?

Guess what? They weren’t from the Right.

They mentioned her as a “dirty worthless whore who has sold her soul in the name of big business.” and called her a “house n***er” who “is a total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate Machine” as well as an “Aunt Tom.”

Really? You’re going to say she’s involved in a hate machine when you’re using racial slurs, calling her a dirty, worthless whore, etc?

I’m really glad she seems to not take it personally. I’m sure she even expected this to an extent. But Jesus Christ, to those who keep thinking there are no Democrats who are blatantly hateful and racist, get a freaking grip.

Also… SHE IS GORGEOUS. We need to add her to the list of hot Republican women.

I agree with ALL of that ^

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