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     and take another one with a different professor. Mostly because you would think that an introductory philosophy class would be introducing you to the arguments of actual philosophers, not using the names of their arguments to give credence to your own poorly thought out arguments.
    Also because I could listen too/have stupid and obtuse arguments for FREE on tumblr, facebook, and twitter. I don’t need to pay to sit in a classroom for 3 hours a week for the same privilege.
    Also my philosophy professor can go douse his PH.D. in lighter fluid and set it (and himself for all I care) on fire. Morons like that shouldn’t be allowed within a 200 foot radius of students.

    That sucks! I am so sorry you got a terrible professor. I loved all my philosophy classes. I took 5 semesters of it because I’m lame I love it so much. You should definitely try again with a new professor when you can! It’s an incredible class, when taught correctly.

    It should be about critical thinking and the philosopher’s ideas. Not that BS.

    Also, a lot of Plato’s Republic. A lot of that.

    Believe it or not, there is no Plato, Socrates, Neitchze, Aquinas, etc. on our reading list for the semester AT ALL.

    Oh, wow. I don’t even know how you could begin without Plato, Socrates…Aristotle? I spent an entire semester going over The Republic alone because it’s just so huge. Locke and Descartes are really fun to go over, too.

    Yes, definitely need a new class. I remember, my first day of my first class, the professor asked us to prove to him we existed, and none of us could. Ugh, I’m sorry you managed to get a terrible professor. Then one of my last semesters we had to debate whether reality is subjective or objective. Then write an essay on it. When I went back to ask my professor how the class did, he told me that everybody gave a different asnwer.

    That’s what philosophy should be about.

    I know a few things about crappy professors. I remember the first time I tried to take government the professor said “i’m going to prove to you why republicans don’t know what they’re talking about.”

    I got up and left.

    Yeah, no Aristotle.

    The closest we get to Descartes is an article, written by a modern philosopher ABOUT Descartes’ philosophy. Every other reading is by modern philosophers (and their aren’t many readings).

    I’m lucky enough to get Locke and Hobbes and those sorts in my Political Ideology and other PoliSci courses, but this course…god.

    He’s just a moron and he’s dishonest. Read my other response about his dumbshit use of the title of Aquinas’ 5th proof of a creator, but NOT actually assigning it to us as reading or telling us what the 5th proof really said and then proceeds to change the argument so he can tear it down.

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    1. lovegg3 said: I feel your pain. I had professors like that. Many, many liberal professors who tried to indocrinate their students…they never liked me very much, lol.

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