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  1. sleepy-chan answered: religion or art from renaissance to present
  2. randomthunk answered: Speaking as an art major, ARS 102 sounds like the least-painful art history class you could get. Rel/Pop Culture sounds interesting, though.
  3. pixiethisisnotmybeautifulhouse answered: I
  4. anti-statist answered: I’d go with ARS 102. It sounds like the best option of the three.
  5. dagnyrearden answered: 102! Pre-history art is just brutal.
  6. dream-crusher answered: ARS 102
  7. 2spo0ky4u answered: art 102 isn’t bad but 101 will probably make you suicidally bored. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of taking both.
  8. whittneydoll answered: Probably one of the art classes! It seems like religion and pop culture might be a headache for you, considering your views!
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