1. lovegg3 replied to your post: I have decided that I need to drop my philosophy course

    I feel your pain. I had professors like that. Many, many liberal professors who tried to indocrinate their students…they never liked me very much, lol.

    This is worse than that. I can deal with liberal teacher’s.

    What I can’t deal with is this dumb shit of a teacher who isn’t actually teaching us anything about philosophy and has the damn gall to use the title of Aquinas 5th proof of a creator and then gut the actual argument to use it to ‘disprove’ the existence of the Abrahamic God (which was never what Aquinas was trying to prove the existence of anyway).

    He never even assigned us the 5 point proof as READING! It was only because I have read the proof and discussed it in HIGH SCHOOL that I recognized the phrase ‘argument from design’ as the secondary name for Aquinas’ teleological argument.

    I was literally so pissed at this moron teaching this crap (the ‘god can’t be real because the question ‘can he create a boulder big enough that he can’t move it’ proves he isn’t omnipotent either way you answer) as legitimate philosophy, when that isn’t EVEN CLOSE to what the Argument from Design states, that I wanted to chuck my laptop at his head.

    *deep breath*

    Okay…calm thoughts, calm thoughts.

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