1.  and take another one with a different professor. Mostly because you would think that an introductory philosophy class would be introducing you to the arguments of actual philosophers, not using the names of their arguments to give credence to your own poorly thought out arguments.
    Also because I could listen too/have stupid and obtuse arguments for FREE on tumblr, facebook, and twitter. I don’t need to pay to sit in a classroom for 3 hours a week for the same privilege.
    Also my philosophy professor can go douse his PH.D. in lighter fluid and set it (and himself for all I care) on fire. Morons like that shouldn’t be allowed within a 200 foot radius of students.
    1. lovegg3 said: I feel your pain. I had professors like that. Many, many liberal professors who tried to indocrinate their students…they never liked me very much, lol.

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