1. Republican war on what? Sorry, I can’t hear you over this liberal union employee beating an effigy of Nikki Haley.

    My view of the ‘war on women’ - An older post from my wordpress blog

    We hear a lot about the “Republican War on Women” in which Republicans are supposedly trying to take away women’s birth control, our right to work, our right to have sex, our right to drive, our right to have bank accounts, our right to get divorces…

    Oh wait, sorry, I got distracted by thoughts of the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood for a second.

    Which is apparently what Liberals thinks we are.* Regardless of the fact that, outside of the religious right and Santorum (who no legitimate conservative listens too), no one in the Republican party wants to do anything of the kind.

    But this post isn’t about that. I do have a couple of fantastic articles, by a very smart lady, about the ridiculousness of the “Republican War on Women”, but I don’t feel like addressing the issue again when she has done so already.

    War on Women Part I

    War on Women Part II


    The really outrageous issue here is that, while Liberals are screaming about the War on Women being perpetrated by Conservatives, the Liberals are setting records for heinous activities toward women, both conservative and in general…and

    -Read the rest at the link ^_^

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