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Little-Known Facts About Romney #3

Even before Romney had taken on a formal role in the church, he and Ann helped other members. Mark and Sheryl Nixon had six sons. Sons Reed and Rob suffered severe injuries in a 1995 car accident, which left Reed a quadriplegic and Rob a paraplegic. The Nixon’s world was turned upside down, and their sons’ treatment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Christmas that year was going to be tough. Romney and his family had a plan to help their fellow parishioner. Before the holiday season, Romney called Mark to ask if he and his family could come over for Christmas Eve. When the holiday arrived, Romney, his wife Ann, and their children brought gifts for the family. The Romneys would go on to pay for their college education, run a 5k fundraiser on their behalf, and make contributions to charity golf tournaments for the Nixons.

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