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    Are you fucking kidding me?

    I am pretty sure it’s more difficult to obtain an abortion. Oh, and more expensive, too.


    Comprehensive US Birth Control Methods Cost for an average of 100 sexual interactions per year:

    • Estrogen-Progesterone Pills: $284-516 per year,
    • Depo-Provera Injections: $132-300 for 4 injections which cover the year,
    • Mirena IUD: $175-500 for each of 5 years,
    • Diaphragm: $15-75 year,
    • FemCap: $65 per year,
    • Copper T IUD: Initial cost of $175, afterwards is $15 per year,

    Some of the Birth Control methods acceptable to the Catholic church are also considered the most effective, such as the standard days method, calender, and cervical mucus methods. 

    But the cheapest, and most effective of all?

    • Not sleeping around: $0 per year.
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