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Obama can’t even get a single vote for his budget in the SENATE which is run by Democrats!! Also got 0-414 votes in the House.


Now that’s Bipartisan! Obama Budget gets ZERO Votes in Senate

For The Second Year In A Row, Obama’s Budget Has Failed To Receive A Single Vote In The Senate. “In a 99-0 vote, all of the senators rejected the president’s blueprint. It’s the second year in a row the Senate has voted down Obama’s budget.

“Coupled With The House’s Rejection In March, 414-0, That Means Mr. Obama’s Budget Has Failed To Win A Single Vote In Support This Year.”

In An Attempt To Downplay “An Ugly-Looking Vote” The White House Called The Vote On Their Budget A “Gimmick.” “The vote came just hours after the White House cast the pending vote as a political ‘gimmick,’ an apparent attempt to downplay what many expected to be an ugly-looking vote for the White House.

Senate Democrats Have Not Passed A Budget For 1,114 Days, Since April 29, 2009.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Said Last Year That “It Would Be Foolish For Us To Do A Budget At This Stage.” 

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