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I’m getting real tired of some of the Tumblr Libertarians


I understand that you guys have some problems with Paul Ryan but come on, calling him a statist neo-con smacks of desperation. Also for all of you Ron Paul supporters: the primary is over. Your choices are Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan. It’s one or the other. It’s time to pick a side.

The Libertarian attitudes have gotten to the point where I will be changing my registration back to Republican as soon as the race is over. I would do it sooner but I want to make sure that I can vote. I for one will be glad to be a member of the party that installed Romney and Ryan into the White House. Yes, I still have some differences of policy with the Republican party (gay marriage, drug laws, patriot act) but I will not be a party to some of the craziness that is currently emanating from the Libertarian movement.

I know I’m probably going to lose some subscribers because of this post, but I’m fed up with this nonsense.

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    protip: you can still vote for Gary Johnson. Ron Paul is not the only libertarian possibly on the ballot in many states.
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    ^The commentary is priceless.
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    "It’s time to pick a side" is the mentality that is destroying America.
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    The primary isn’t over. The nominating process ends at the RNC at the end of this month. And according to the RNC rules,...
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    You can’t reason with most of the tumblr “libertarians” Most of them have far more in common with left wing socialists...
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    Don’t vote.And like Romney has a chance anyway.
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    ^^THIS! This is pretty much how I feel.
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  14. antinwo said: The system of Democrats and Republicans is broken. Absolute opposition. I agreed with Jesse Ventura, saying he wouldn’t support Paul unless he went independent. And the primaries were miscounted.
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